The environment, context, or culture – terms which  are often used interchangeably – has a profound impact on leaders’ ability to apply their talents and skills in order to perform effectively. There are a few existing studies which address how the environment or PRESS related to issues of race and ethnicity, have impacted the practice of leadership but these focus mainly on corporate settings. CASL Research Theme III is devoted to understanding how HBCU institutional contexts impact leadership for broadening participation within STEM. 

The research conducted as part of Theme III will address two main research questions:

  1. What must HBCU leaders know about their institutional contexts to effectively lead these efforts?
  2. How has the changing national and global landscape influenced HBCU leadership for broadening participation?

The following Research Brief uses data from CASL-Research alongside real world examples of HBCU leaders to address research questions 1 and 2.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone - Research Brief

How HBCUs use cultural connection and caring to lead.

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