HBCUs are significant producers of STEM graduates at undergraduate and graduate levels especially for those within under-represented groups in STEM. In order to learn and share these successes, existing literature on HBCU leadership has focused on understanding the traits, qualities, and characteristics of leadership for broadening participation in STEM. CASL research aims to go further by also providing examples of how HBCU leadership for broadening participation is demonstrated and manifested

Theme II will examine the PROCESS and describe the specific ways that HBCU leaders enact, execute, and perform leadership on their campuses, both generally and with respect to broadening participation in STEM. Theme II will illuminate the logic, symbols, and currency of leadership. 

 The research conducted as part of Theme II will address two main research questions:


  1. What has been and is the role of leadership in broadening participation at HBCUs?
  2. In what ways do available theories of leadership adequately reflect HBCU leadership contexts?

The following Research Brief uses data from CASL-Research alongside real world examples of HBCU leaders to address research questions 1 and 2.

Leading with Authenticity - Research Brief

How the institutional contexts of HBCUs influence leadership.

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