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The Center for the Advancement of STEM Leadership (CASL) is looking for researchers interested in contributing their expertise and time to expand CASL’s research on HBCU leadership and its impacts on broadening participation in STEM.

CASL’s Virtual Visiting Scholars will conduct research on themes germane to the work of CASL based on existing literature, as well as existing CASL data. Visiting Scholars should be experienced and knowledgeable in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Successful candidates must have a Ph.D. (or near completion of a Ph.D.) in a related research area (social science, behavioral science, qualitative or quantitative sciences, creativity, leadership, etc.). Visiting Scholars are expected to work independently, propose a research study and produce a manuscript based on the research study.

Roles and Responsibilities
Interested scholars must outline a proposed project that typically lasts 3-6 months. The project must include a timeline with deliverables. Projects that utilize existing de-identified CASL data will receive preference. However, projects proposing additional data collection will be reviewed. Existing CASL data come from over 136 de-identified qualitative interviews with leaders at HBCUs with a legacy in broadening STEM participation. CASL interview protocol examines the following topics: STEM HBCU Leadership Broadening Participation Definitions, Challenges and strategies, Experience Leader’s HBCU STEM Leadership Styles, HBCU STEM Leadership Successes, HBCU STEM Student Success, Advice for Emerging Leaders, HBCU STEM Institutional Conditions, and Reflections on the Narrative of Broadening Participation.

Visiting Scholars will sign an agreement with guidelines about product authorship, intellectual property, production, and distribution of projects. CASL may copyright selected complete products; authors will be acknowledged for their leading role in product development, and organizations may also be acknowledged in final products. Final products and resources will be posted on the CASL website and may be used to update or enhance CASL’s Leadership Fellow curriculum or other capacity-building initiatives. Visiting Scholars may also post their materials on their personal or institutional websites acknowledging CASL and NSF support.

Scholars will receive a stipend to support their efforts. Stipends will be provided directly to the Visiting Scholar and can be used for research, including staffing, conference/presentation support (e.g., registration fees), project expenses, equipment, or salary support.

Download Additional Requirements for Participation in the CASL Visiting Scholars Program


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